We believe that client communication is one of the most important elements of providing quality legal services. We will keep you informed on all aspects of your matter and provide you with copies of all documents and correspondance sent and received on your behalf. We encourage clients to call should questions or comments arise regarding any aspect of your representation.

Depending on the nature of the matter, fees and billing may be done on a per hour, flat fee or contingency basis. Bills for hourly rate matters contain the following information: Date of Service, Full Explanation of Service, Time Expended, Value/Cost, and Costs Expended. Unless otherwise agreed in advance, bills are due upon submission. Written retainer agreements are standard, unless otherwise agreed. A retainer agreement or engagement letter is provided prior to the performance of services. Please discuss this during your initial visit.

We offer complimentary initial consultation, either in-person or by telephone. Our hourly rates range from $150.00 to $375.00 per hour, based on the type of matter handled and it's degree of difficulty and expertise required. Examples of flat-fee rates include: Uncontested Divorces (from $300.00); Incorporation ($475.00, plus costs); Simple Wills ($275.00); Name Change ($175.00, plus costs); DUI ($500.00); Property Settlement Agreements (from $275.00); and Traffic Tickets (from $275.00).

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